[XeTeX] solved - ConTeXt problem after reinstalling TeX packages

Dalyoung haksan at mac.com
Mon Jan 10 12:33:07 CET 2005

Dear Hans,

After I stepped in the ConTeXt world a month ago, I am really enjoying 
to use it.
ConTeXt + XeTeX gave me a freedom to use Korean easily.

After the reinstallation of TeX2004, I couldn't produce cont-en.xfmt 
file. I don't know why, but texexec looked up 
/texmf.tetex/context/config/texexec.ini instead of 
/texmf.local/context/config/texexec.ini. After I got rid of one in 
texmf.tetex follows the advice of Adam and reboot, I was able to 
produce cont-en.xfmt.  There is no prompt waiting for input during the 
typesetting process  either. The name of the final pdf-ouput is as same 
as the input file name.

I tested the same thing in other mac, and it worked fine.

Thanks to everyone who made great programs and who gave me a lot of 



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