[XeTeX] OpenType: script & language

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Mon Feb 28 15:42:06 CET 2005


I'm wondering about implementing the OpenType script and language 
features into fontspec. It looks a little daunting, considering the 
number of tags defined for each. (e.g. 

Do you think it would be worthwhile putting some sort of giant list 
inside fontspec correlating language and script tags with their 
real-life equivalents? (It's not so bad using keyval. I hope.)

This would result in being able to say 
\fontspec[Script=Mongolian,Language=Zulu]{Code2000}, whatever that 
would happen to mean.

I assume this works only for OpenType fonts and using the syntax
   \font="Code2000:script=mong,language=ZUL ,..."
Is this the whole story?

I haven't actually worked out the difference between the two; surely 
the fact that you're using characters from a certain unicode range 
would mean that you're using a script of whichever sort...


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