Re: [XeTeX] o/ or O/ goes to ø or Ø (oslash or Oslash)

Will Robertson will at
Mon Feb 28 02:59:01 CET 2005

On 27 Feb 2005, at 11:50 PM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> Unfortunately, in a quick look at Hoefler Text, I don't immediately 
> see any good candidate characters for this trick. You'd want something 
> like Zero-Width No-break Space, Zero Width Non-Joiner, Word Joiner, 
> etc. But none of them seem to be supported in Hoefler. :-(

Yeah, whose clever idea was it to make those "characters" font 
Here is a situation when a fall-back font (your nemesis!) could come in 
Dumb unicode :)
They should be built in by default.

> Another approach I was going to suggest is to make the slash an active 
> character, with a definition such as:
> 	\catcode`\/=\active
> 	\def/{\kern0pt\char`\/}
> This will prevent the ligature by inserting a (zero-width) explicit 
> kern before the slash. However, there is of course the possibility 
> that it will disrupt other macros that use the slash for different 
> purposes, so it may not be practical in all situations.

I thought it wouldn't work since the NFSS uses that character to 
delimit things occasionally, but it doesn't seem to be a problem in a 
brief test. I guess \nfss at catcodes takes such things into account. That 
seems like a fairly useable solution for now.


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