[XeTeX] I do so like ps4pdf -- but on xelatex?

Roger Hart rhart at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Feb 25 08:15:49 CET 2005

I've finally upgraded to TL2004, using, of course, Gerben Wierda's 
indispensable i-Installer. Somehow, as I feared, my CJK installation is 
not quite working the way I want, substituting Cyberbit 720pk fonts 
where I used to have TrueType Cyberbit outline fonts. The main problem 
is that the CJK 720pk characters are a little difficult to read in 
preview on the screen.

I could try to figure out why I'm not getting the TrueType outlines, 
but I've been very impressed by Jonathan Kew's xelatex, and the ease 
with which I can choose CJK fonts. So I was wondering if it would be 
difficult to get ps4pdf to work under xelatex? I've become very 
dependent on ps4pdf.  I did look at the file, but I'm afraid I'm not 
expert enough to really understand what it is doing, or how to alter it 
to produce the same result with xelatex. I would be indeed very 
grateful for any suggestions.




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