[XeTeX] Turning off an AAT font feature

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Fri Feb 25 00:57:16 CET 2005

On 25 Feb 2005, at 2:57 AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 24 févr. 05, à 17:15, Stephen Moye a écrit :
>> My Hoefler Text Italic seems to have initial and final swash 
>> characters 'on' by default. What is the mechanism for turning off an 
>> AAT font feature?
> In LaTeX you would use declarations like:
> \DeclareFontShape{U}{hoeftxt}{m}{it}
>   {<-> "Hoefler\space Text\space Italic:mapping=tex-text;
>           Smart\space Swashes=!Line\space Final\space Swashes,
>                               !Line\space Initial\space Swashes;
>           Number\space Case=Uppercase\space Numbers
>        "}{}
> fontspec.sty probably has a nicer mechanism for performing this 
> without your having to know how this needs to be worded.

In the next version of fontspec it will be possible to specify (or 
rather, add to) the features of the different font shapes, but for now
    \fontspec[Swashes={NoLineFinal,NoLineInitial}]{Hoefler Text Italic}
is the only way to do this.

You *will* be able to say (well, *I* can say now :) )
when I finish up v1.6, but ironing out some other stuff is taking some 

The only problem is that I haven't (been able to/worked out how/been 
bothered to) do the same thing with small caps. And even if I did, it 
gets a bit crazy. What if you want specific features for 
SmallCapsBoldItalic? I don't want to have to code in so many 
conditionals :)


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