[XeTeX] Basic questions about CJK (Unicode) and xelatex

Roger Hart rhart at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Feb 23 02:45:52 CET 2005

After looking at the sample files I was very impressed -- indeed amazed  
-- by XeTeX's capabilities, and the astonishing ease with which fonts  
are implemented.

Because of this, and the persistent problems that I have encountered  
with pdflatex processing Chinese and Japanese, I spent most of the day  
trying to set up CJK to run under xelatex, without much success.  I  
read through previous postings on this group, and was left with the  
impression some combination of the packages and commands listed below  
might work. But nothing worked properly.

Is there an easy way to get CJK to work under xelatex? Could someone  
send me an example file with the preamble, packages, and commands  
necessary to get CJK to work?  I use CJK with TeXShop and pdflatex in  
OSX, which was quite difficult to set up.  I would be very impressed  
indeed if it were as easy to get CJK to run under xelatex as it is  
under xetex!

Thanks very much,


Various combinations I (quite blindly) tried, with various  

\fontspec{Bitstream Cyberbit}


      {<-> "Bitstream\space Cyberbit"}{}


      {<-> "Bitstream\space Cyberbit"}{}










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