[XeTeX] help with combining text/math

Scott Murman smurman at segosha.net
Fri Feb 11 03:27:51 CET 2005

>> using fontspec to change the text font also changes some of the math 
>> characters.   is it possible to disable this? at this point i'd be 
>> happy to limit myself to the regular cm math fonts, and a 
>> light-stroke text font.
>  If this is what you mean, then simply setting \setromanfont -after- 
> the \begin{document} should have the desired effect of using CM. This 
> is simply because math alphabets in LaTeX can only be defined before 
> the beginning of the document.
> Hope that helps,
> Will

thanks, that worked great.  it's a bit of a hack i see, but i'm not 
complaining.   whoever comes up with a nice 16-bit math font (or two;) 
will make an awful lot of people happy.  seems like a natural match to 
me, but what do I know.


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