[XeTeX] Ugly output with ngerman when using quotation

dschuli at gmx.net dschuli at gmx.net
Mon Feb 7 16:36:47 CET 2005

Hello Ross, Jonathan and fellow XeTeXers,
I've compiled some LaTeX files that test all the quotation marks I 
could find.
Included is frenchTest which includes typical french characters and the 
same quotations;
ngermanTest which includes all the german umlauts and quotations and
germanWObabel without babel ngerman option.
Problems occur *only* with babel german/ngerman.
Corruption *only* occurs with straight quotations, e.g. Susy said: 
"Shut the door.".
All other quotation marks display correctly.

Input with babel ngerman:
Straight Quotes: Test "Test" "Test" "Apple", "\LaTeX""Remains strong", 
"Cell", "privat" ist oder "Zusammenraffen", "bricht sie"
"Darstellung?" character lost. new line\\
Straight Quotes: Test "TestTestApple", "LATEXRemains strong", "Cell", 
st oder SZusammenraffen", "bricht sie"
"Darstellung?"character lost. new line

Input with babel ngerman:
"Sharp" §§ ss §§ "§"\\
SSharp"§§ ss §§ "§"

This means:
- often the character following a closing quotation mark is lost,
- sometimes a opening quotation mark is turned into S,
- "text" i is a problem

I hope Ross will fix this soon. I hope it's not too much work!
In the meantime I use the different quotations. Actually comes in handy 
that we have a choice.


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