[XeTeX] Right-indents with Arabic in xelatex

Frederick Hoyt fmhoyt at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Feb 5 16:33:18 CET 2005


I am using xelatex to typeset Arabic using Musa Furber's template as a  
starting point:


However, the document I am working on requires hanging indents from the  
right margin. Mr. Furber's template explicitly disables indents since  
latex will generate them on the left margin.

I have tried to find a way to insert right indents as a class of  
objects distinct from left-indents, or to switch the whole direction of  
text, as in Klaus Legally's arabtex. I have not found an obvious way to  
do either.

However, I am curious about whether the segment of the arabtex code  
which specified RtL might be modified so that it could be used within  
xelatex. As far as I can tell, the relevant section of is "Arabic  
Environment," which is about mid-way through arabtex.sty:


Unfortunately, I am not wise in the ways of latex package programming,  
nor is my copy of the "Latex Companion" much help with interpreting the  

As such, could some one point me to a site or document which explains  
the various commands used in this section?


Fred Hoyt


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Frederick M. Hoyt
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