[XeTeX] includegraphics works in XeTeX?

cormullion cormullion at mac.com
Tue Feb 1 11:17:11 CET 2005

Jonathan Kew <jonathan_kew at sil.org> said on 2005-02-01, 9:40 (-0000 GMT):

> I think you need to specify the [xetex] option to the LaTeX graphics 
> package: something like
>   \usepackage[xetex]{graphicx}

Phew - that’s a relief. For a moment I thought that each LaTeX command had subtle undocumented variations depending on the environment. That would make working with TeX even more ‘interesting’ than it is already! :-)

I suppose I’m working on the general principle of using XeTeX stuff in such a way that it won’t require major surgery to pass the files to a non-XeTex system, should the sky fall in and I have to work on another OS. I’m sure that there are clever ways of switching between LaTeX and XeTeX, but at the moment I’m trying to keep things as straightforward as possible.


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