[XeTeX] BiBdesk / BiBTeX

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sun Dec 18 21:18:19 CET 2005

On 18 Dec 2005, at 8:08 pm, Martin Henning wrote:

> Holà,
> just downloaded BiBDesk for my next paper... Unfortunately it will  
> be a mixture of Russian, German and English, so it will have to be  
> unicode :) Therefore as usual: XeTeX. Anyone here using this setup?  
> Does the preview feature work for you? It seems to me, that i can't  
> get the paths right :/

I can't comment on the BibDesk/BibTeX issues, as I don't use these....

> Also i got errors because of the automatic conversion of accents  
> into TeX - disabled it, thinking unicode/XeTeX will handle it  
> anyway - my assumption right?

....but here, at least, I can give an answer: yes, accents (and  
Cyrillic letters) should be no problem, provided your text is in  
Unicode, and provided you're using fonts that support the characters.  
Depending on the nature of your paper, you might still want/need to  
switch fonts between Latin and Cyrillic; just because all the  
characters are present in a single encoding doesn't mean they'll  
always be present in a single font!

But if you choose a font with a full Latin+Cyrillic repertoire, you  
should be able to mix languages freely. (Of course, there's also  
hyphenation: if you want the foreign-language fragments of your paper  
to be hyphenated properly, you'll still have to mark the languages  


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