[XeTeX] fontspec in TUGboat

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat Dec 17 10:46:23 CET 2005

On 16 Dec 2005, at 7:44 am, Will Robertson wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have written a paper for TUGboat that I will be submitting  
> shortly (before the end of the year, hopefully early next week);  
> before I do so, I would like to let you all see it in order to get  
> some last minute feedback.
>   <http://www.mecheng.adelaide.edu.au/~will/tex/tugboat-fontspec.pdf>
> I'd like to thank everyone for dealing with its idiosyncrasies over  
> the months;

And thank you for writing the package, and so opening up a new world  
to LaTeX users.

> I can't really guarantee anything better in the future :)

Judging by past performance, we're not too worried!

> With regards to the paper, if anyone wishes to read it: does it  
> make sense? Have I left anything out? Do I have too many examples?  
> Not enough? Any comments or suggestions will be gladly received as  
> I make the last changes.

No specific comments, just a note to say how pleased I am to see this  
-- for many users, fontspec represents their primary interface to  
much of what xetex has to offer, and it's great to see it written up  
for TB.

Let's get the TeX world excited about fonts instead of afraid of  
them! ;-)

Re Peter's comment:
> In section 5.2 the second sentence should start with 'They.' And:  
> do you really mean 'non-Western?' I know of ligatures only in  
> Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Arabic scripts ... in contrast to CJK.
There are ligatures in other scripts than these -- a bunch of Asian  
scripts, for example.

> Happy holidays, (for those who have them)

And to you!


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