[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.99 released

Bernhard Barkow bb at creativeeyes.at
Wed Dec 7 12:00:00 CET 2005

On 07.12.2005, at 11:41, Will Robertson wrote:
>>>> I suspect NAV is intercepting all these accesses and that's  
>>>> costing a lot of time.
>>> What do you use?
>> ClamXav: http://www.clamXav.com. Without GUI available in Fink or  
>> darwinports too.
> Call me old-fashioned or (anti-paranoid?), but I don't really see  
> the point of anti-virus software on a Mac. I feel that my 867 MHz  
> Powerbook is sluggish enough already to have every email and file  
> background-checked as it enters my computer. Any virus that is  
> released I'll hear about in the same time frame that anti-virus  
> software is updated to catch it.

I completely agree, the only way I'd use this is in connection with  
my AppleScript checking incoming emails, just to make sure they don't  
get redistributed.
I personally didn't have any positives so far, probably because my  
POP account is scanned on the server already, but I'm glad I have it  
installed on some people's machines who would otherwise call 5 times  
a day to ask what they should do with this email from somebody they  
never heard of...


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