[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.99 released

Adam Twardoch list.adam at twardoch.com
Wed Dec 7 02:00:27 CET 2005

Ross Moore wrote:
> This concept of "uninstalled fonts" has been mentioned before.
> I didn't really understand what was meant then, and still do not.
> Is it that you prepare a document to use fonts that you do not
> have installed on your local machine, so that the PDF will be
> readable correctly on another machine that *does* have the fonts ?
The machine can have the fonts but they don't need to be installed.

I have approx. 100,000 fonts on my computer (about 5 GB) but only
300-400 of them are installed, so that normal applications can use them. 
Having more than 1000 fonts installed at the same time usually impedes 
system performance. A whole industry of font management applications has 
appeared, one of the recent -- and free -- is the Linotype FontExplorer 
X for Mac OS X: http://www.fontexplorer.net/ You can use any such 
application to easily install and uninstall fonts -- the font files 
always remain on your hard drive but the installation registers the font 
in a system list.



Adam Twardoch

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