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Hi Bruno, and Daniel,

On 20/04/2005, at 6:33 AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 19 avr. 05, à 21:44, Daniel Muller a écrit :
>> I will not ask you to make it, I just need some guidances and mainly 
>> where to
>> start as I'm new in Tex/LaTex but experienced software engineer.
> The best and most extensive reference is probably the TeXbook (author: 
> D.E. Knuth, publisher: Addison-Wesley), but it's not available online. 
> Which leaves the two books cited earlier by Will:
> - TeX by Topic <http://www.eijkhout.net/tbt/>, possibly better suited 
> given your programming background.
> - TeX for the Impatient <http://www.tug.org/ftp/tex/impatient/>, comes 
> also in French.
> AFAIK there's no TeX debugger.

There's no actual debugger for the compiled (eTeX) binary.

But you can trace the expansion of macros, and many other
aspects of the work that TeX does while processing your
source code.
Those references above should tell you about macros with names:
and others that affect how much information is written to
the .log  file.
Use grouping {....} to limit the tracing to just a small
portion of the document where things aren't working as you
would like.

I find that such strategic tracing is almost always the
quickest way to locate the real cause of an error;
especially those of the 'looping' kind, where you cannot
get any output at all to examine.

It's also useful to find out what the coding from a package
actually does, and the names of relevant internal variables,
when the documentation only describes how to use the top-level
macros defined by the package.

Hope this helps,


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