[XeTeX] XeTex and Tibetan full justification

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Apr 19 00:41:22 CEST 2005

On 18 Apr 2005, at 9:27 pm, Daniel Muller wrote:

> First, thanks to all persons who help me with Tibetan fonts and XeTex.
> XenoType has just released a new Tibetan for Mac OS X supporting more 
> Sanskrit stacked letters.
> With that version I get the proper results.
> Now, I'm wondering how to implement a Tibetan full justification with 
> XeTex. Tibetan uses tsheg at
> the end of the line to justify on the right, or if any shad (|) is in 
> the line blanks are used to
> justify on the right, in some cases (no shad in the line) spaces are 
> added after the end of a
> syllable ending with /ga/.
> Is it possible to change the behavior of \line{... Tibetan text ...} 
> or to add a new kind of full
> justification according to Tibetan rules? How easy to measure the 
> width of some text?

I'm not sure of the precise rules you'd want to implement, but here are 
a few examples of hacking at \line and the Tibetan characters (note 
that you can make things like tsheg or shad into \active characters, 
and then get them to do special things that will affect justification).

Note that it might not really be a good idea to redefine \line{} itself 
like this, as other macros may use it in ways you don't expect; might 
be safer to have a custom \tibetanline{} macro. But it depends on your 
particular application.

Hope this helps give some ideas of what you could do.


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