[XeTeX] XeTex and Tibetan full justification

Daniel Muller x01dev at yahoo.fr
Mon Apr 18 22:27:03 CEST 2005

First, thanks to all persons who help me with Tibetan fonts and XeTex.

XenoType has just released a new Tibetan for Mac OS X supporting more Sanskrit stacked letters.
With that version I get the proper results.

Now, I'm wondering how to implement a Tibetan full justification with XeTex. Tibetan uses tsheg at
the end of the line to justify on the right, or if any shad (|) is in the line blanks are used to
justify on the right, in some cases (no shad in the line) spaces are added after the end of a
syllable ending with /ga/.

Is it possible to change the behavior of \line{... Tibetan text ...} or to add a new kind of full
justification according to Tibetan rules? How easy to measure the width of some text?

Any suggestions and comments are welcome.


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