[XeTeX] Custom page size in XeLateX

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Apr 14 18:27:25 CEST 2005

On 14 Apr 2005, at 3:00 pm, Druckzentrum RUB wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I was wondering if there is any solution in XeLatex to produce very 
> small
> page sizes (for little cards, size like business cards).

You can use the -papersize command-line option when running xetex (or 
xelatex) to set any paper size you like (within reason!). A number of 
standard sizes are predefined and can be requested by name; 
non-standard sizes can be specified by giving the actual dimensions 

	xelatex -papersize=letter myfile.tex
	xelatex -papersize=legal:landscape myfile.tex
	xelatex -papersize=6in,4in myfile.tex

If you're running xetex from TeXShop (or another "front end"), you can 
set up a custom script or engine that includes the -papersize option 
you require.

> As what I read Jonathan wanted to integrate a mechanism to change the 
> paper
> size from the OSX System specified default paper size.
> It would be great if it could be an "individual" paper size that could 
> be
> changed as needed.

Eventually, I hope we'll have a mechanism to set the paper size from 
within the TeX document, most likely using a \special{} command 
(similar to the method supported by some other dvi drivers, like 


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