[XeTeX] Sanskrit hyphenation

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Sat Apr 2 08:58:28 CEST 2005

Le 1 avr. 05, à 20:51, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> Using \global\lccode... made things work in my experiments with 
> sanhyph.tex just now; the LaTeX2e experts may know better ways to 
> arrange things.

With the fix you suggest there are no "blank glyphs" anymore in the 
output. But if I write \language=\sanskrit I get a "TeX capacity 
exceeded" message. I'm not sure what settings in texmf.cnf are to be 
modified (they seem to be close to the llimit of 8,000,000).

To include the hyphenation file, the best would probably be to ask 
Johannes Braams to add Sanskrit to Babel. Perhaps it wouldn't be a too 
long work since he would only have to define the language. If I send 
him a beautiful postcard of Toulouse he might accept.

Kind regards,


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