[XeTeX] presentation mode in XeTeX-ConTeXt

정 달영 haksan at mac.com
Sat Apr 2 07:53:54 CEST 2005

> Dalyoung, if you change
>  \definefontsynonym[smMyungjoRegular]["smMyungjoR\space 
> W30"][encoding=uc]
> to
>  \definefontsynonym[smMyungjoRegular][(smMyungjoR\space 
> W30)][encoding=uc]
> (and similarly for other cases with double-quotes), this may help that 
> particular problem.
> JK
As listed before, I got an error when I tried to compile a presentation 
file made by Mr. Kavian. There may be a confiliction between my font 
setting and the original setting of the file.
On the other hand, I tried to compile a file which worked well before 
using a new font definition( () instead of " "). It run without error 
but it couldn't create pdf output. It stopped after it created *.xdv 
  In the middle of log(I call my font-definition Myface),

bodyfont        : unknown variant Myface
systems         : possible problem with 8 bit output
) (./celtic1.tuo) (./celtic1.tuo) (./celtic1.tuo) (./celtic1.tuo)
(./celtic1.tuo) (./celtic1.tuo) (./celtic1.tuo) (./celtic1.tuo) 

  and the final lines are

Output written on celtic1.xdv (3 pages, 3952 bytes).
Transcript written on celtic1.log.

            return code : 0
               run time : 4 seconds
   sorting and checking : running texutil

  TeXUtil 9.0.0 - ConTeXt / PRAGMA ADE 1992-2004

                 action : processing commands, lists and registers
                 option : sorting IJ under Y
                 option : converting high ASCII values
             input file : celtic1.tui
            output file : celtic1.tuo
        passed commands : 21
          remapped keys : 0
       register entries : 0 -> 0 entries 0 references
        synonym entries : 0 -> 0 entries
         embedded files : 1

         total run time : 7 seconds

The other day, it worked well except a small thing as mailed before. 
What process should I do more to create pdf output?

Thank you.

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