[XeTeX] Italic correction

William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Sep 27 18:02:45 CEST 2004

On Monday, September 27, 2004, at 11:58  AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Yes, I did experience the same, though I wasn't sure where the blame 
> should be laid (i.e. my LaTeX 2e habit of omitting \/, or XeTeX, or 
> the fonts I was using, or Apple's font management).

The problem here is probably that italic correction is a character 
value stored in the font---OpenType and AAT seem to not have an 
equivalent bit of data, so while it's probably being applied, the value 
is 0, so there's no affect.

This was one of the reasons why I was arguing that Omega should 
continue to use OFMs for OpenType fonts so that one could calculate 
stuff like this in advance and have it handy to use. Not sure what 
could be done for XeTeX and AAT / OpenType though.


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