[XeTeX] dotless i accented w/ macron in utf8accents.sty?

Ross Moore ross at maths.mq.edu.au
Sat Sep 11 00:38:59 CEST 2004

Hi Jonathan, and others,

On 11/09/2004, at 12:59 AM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> On 10 Sep 2004, at 3:42 pm, Tim Lighthiser wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The character \={\i} is missing from my PDF output
>> with utf8accents.sty in the preamble.
>> Is there another way to input this?
> The more Unicode-like way to specify it would be "\=i", as Unicode 
> assumes "i" is "soft-dotted", i.e., loses its dot when accented. That 
> seems to be what utf8accents.sty is expecting:
> 	\DeclareUTFcomposite[\UTFencname]{x012B}{\=}{i}

> Possibly something like:
> 	\DeclareUTFcomposite[\UTFencname]{x012B}{\=}{\i}

Either of these will work.

As  utf8accents.sty   is still work in progress (currently v0.2),
feel free to report any difficulties. The best solutions will be
added to the next sub-version.

In particular, it will have:

   1.  the following lines added:

\DeclareUTFcomposite[\UTFencname]{x1EC9}{\texthookabove}{\i} % with 
hook above

   2.  support for TIPA's double-accent shorthands;
       e.g.  \=*   for  \textsubbar  (bar below accent)
             \`*   for  \textsubgrave (grave accent below)

   3.  support for TIPA's encoding of uppercase letters
       being special phonetic symbols.

(The hard part is getting 3. to work with accents, as in 2.)

Oh, and that message relating to 'n  (for the  eng  character)
is quite harmless, and will be removed sometime.
It's a reminder to me to find example LaTeX documents that
actually use this convention, and check that they'll work
properly. Other such conventions need to be looked at also.

> but I'm really only guessing.
  Good guess.
  Yes, the design is meant to be sufficiently easy that more
  code-points can be accessed using accents applied to macros.


would be useful with Greek, for alpha and an accented alpha.

Thanks for the feedback.
It'll help me make this package into something really useful
(if not indispensible) with XeLaTeX.



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