[XeTeX] Typeblock moved?

Robert Voogdgeert rvoogdgeert at kabelfoon.nl
Tue Sep 7 14:08:07 CEST 2004

Op 7-sep-04 om 10:55 heeft Jonathan Kew het volgende geschreven:

> What happens with "xelatex -papersize=b5 test.tex"?

In that case they are moved to the bottom-right corner so much, that 
the typeblock of the even pages is placed almost at the edge of the 

But, I've found out what probably causes the problem. When changing the 
option b5paper into b5 everything goes well. It seems that the xdv 
driver can handle xn but not xnpaper.
And, talking of dvi drivers, could it be that the problem is caused by 
the fact that dvi places the reference point one inch down and to the 
right of the upper-left corner, because this is more or less what the 
typeblock shifted with the b5paper option.
I've run testpage.tex both through dvi and through xdv, but then both 
typeblocks look fine.
Trying to tweak thing with \voffset=1in and \hoffset=1in was a good 
starting point, as it indeed moved the typeblock more into the right 
direction. After some trial and error I gave up ... as my supervisor 
was on my door, asking whether the prints of some chapters (with 
beautiful Hebrew thanks too XeLaTeX!) would be on his desk today...

I hope this is of any help.


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