[XeTeX] Typeblock moved?

Robert Voogdgeert rvoogdgeert at kabelfoon.nl
Mon Sep 6 22:42:28 CEST 2004

Dear XeTeX-users,

Did any of you experience the effect of a type-block that is not on the 
place where it should be when typesetting with XeLaTeX. I compiled a 
file in the memoir class with twoside as option. The type-block seems 
to have drifted off. This can be clearly seen, e.g. on the title page 
the title is centred but has moved to the left; the even page numbers, 
though they should have a bigger left margin than the uneven, have very 
small left margins and quite big right margins. Also, the only 
crop-mark left completely on the page is the bottom right one, of the 
upper right one only part of the vertical line is left, while of the 
bottom left one only the part of the horizontal line is left, the upper 
left one finally is completely gone. Thus it seems that the whole 
type-block moved to the upper-left for a reason I don't understand. 
Specifically as the file compiled well in LaTeX.


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