[XeTeX] XeTeX logo in fontspec.pdf

William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Nov 29 22:09:20 CET 2004

On Nov 25, 2004, at 10:36 PM, Will Robertson wrote:

> I'm a little unsure if I -want- to use the XeTeX logo whenever I refer 
> to it by name. See for example fontinst.pdf which uses only initial 
> caps when talking about `Latex'.
> Having said that, I probably will :)
> I do think it would be a good idea, however, to make \XeTeX a 
> predefined command when using XeTeX a la \TeX in TeX and \LaTeX in 
> LaTeX.

I'm slowly growing out of Bumpy-LoGo-IficatioN and am trying out just 
using the logo once, at its first occurrence, footnoting that, and in 
the footnote noting that that's what the logo looks like, but for the 
balance of the document it'll be set in caps-small-caps (which I think 
is a reasonable compromise).


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