[XeTeX] Strange Euler Script font behaviour

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat Nov 20 08:01:22 CET 2004

On 20 Nov 2004, at 1:26 am, Will Robertson wrote:

> Okay, I'm having a bit of a play around to see what I can come up with.
> One question: what is the difference between
>    texmf/fonts/otf/eusm10.otf
> and
>    texmf/fonts/otf/xetex/bluesky/euler/eusm10.otf
> ?
> I notice they're not identical.

The latter is the correct one, I think; the former is probably residue 
from an early release you installed, and should have been removed by 
the later installer, but was missed..... I don't recall ever 
(intentionally) installing directly into that location, so it was 
probably a buggy installation script at some point. :(

> Anyway, I'm also interested in converting the Base35 postscript fonts 
> for use in XeTeX, so I might try my hand at that also if I have time. 
> If the only requirement is to include the post table, I think 
> fontforge is up to the task.

Possibly; but I fear it may insert only a minimal 'post' table that 
doesn't actually include glyph names... Format 3 'post', or something 
like that.


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