[XeTeX] XeTeX logo in fontspec.pdf

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Nov 18 11:38:16 CET 2004

Hi again Will,

Having a quick look at the first page of the doc fontspec.pdf for your 
fontspec package: the XeTeX logo could be made closer to the form it 
has in XeTeX-notes.pdf by using Jonathan's def in XeTeX-notes.tex, and 
modifying it so that it works in standard LaTeX. Compared with 
Jonathan's def:

% Version of the XeTeX logo that doesn't depend on Ǝ being available in 
the font
% Requires XeTeX 0.7 or later
   \special{x:gsave}\special{x:scale -1 1}}\box0 \special{x:grestore}}}
   \dp0=0pt\ht0=0pt\box0 }

this would involve simply invoking the graphics package, and replacing 
\reflect by \reflectbox:

   \dp0=0pt\ht0=0pt\box0 }

The resulting logo is not as nice as the one in XeTeX-notes.pdf, due to 
Hoefler Text being replaced by CM (in particular the slope of the lower 
serif in the capital E is not identical to, and aligned with, the 
corresponding branches of the capital X), but it already feels more 


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