[XeTeX] fontspec & math(s)

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Thu Nov 18 05:54:43 CET 2004

[ I've sent this to the XeTeX list so others can see. Hope you don't 
mind :) ]

On 18 Nov 2004, at 10:41 AM, Chris Menzel wrote:
> the fact that fontspec currently doesn't have TeX use the default 
> romanfont for text in math mode is pretty much a showstopper for 
> anyone who uses LaTeX for writing math. However, I get the sense from 
> the documentation that this is something you are working on.  Any idea 
> when you might have this feature available for those of us waiting 
> patiently but anxiously for it? :-)

Hi Chris!

Thanks for the comments; it's nice to know people are actually using 
the package :)
I've been bit busy recently, but I managed to get something working, 
sort of, in this regard last time I was working on it --- but I think 
it isn't failsafe.

If you put:

   {\DeclareSymbolFont{operators}\zf at enc\rmdefault\mddefault\updefault
    \SetSymbolFont{operators}{bold}\zf at enc\rmdefault\bfdefault\updefault
    \DeclareMathAlphabet\mathbf\zf at enc\rmdefault\bfdefault\updefault
    \DeclareMathAlphabet\mathsf\zf at enc\sfdefault\mddefault\updefault
    \DeclareMathAlphabet\mathit\zf at enc\rmdefault\mddefault\itdefault
    \DeclareMathAlphabet\mathtt\zf at enc\ttdefault\mddefault\updefault
    \SetMathAlphabet\mathsf{bold}\zf at enc\sfdefault\bfdefault\updefault
    \SetMathAlphabet\mathit{bold}\zf at enc\rmdefault\bfdefault\itdefault}

in your preamble (AFTER you \usepackage{euler}, if you do), that's the 
extent of my efforts. This requires you \setromanfont{} etc., in the 
preamble, also.

However, I get the wrong symbols when using \{ \}, so I must be messing 
something up somewhere, and I haven't had time to work out what's going 
wrong. Any suggestions?

(Bruno's old posts on this subject were rather helpful, perhaps he can 
comment further?)


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