[XeTeX] Numerals in Right-to-Left

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Nov 17 17:52:05 CET 2004

On 17 Nov 2004, at 11:38 am, Hans Hagen wrote:
> actually this kind of features should be built in, kind of:
> \xetexdigitbase=<number>
> \def\arabicnumber  {\xetexdigitbase"0660\relax}
> \def\persiannumber {\xetexdigitbase"06F0\relax}
> otherwise one has to tag all his/her numbers; that way one can easily 
> implement math vs text vs table numbers just by calling one macro

I've been thinking of something along those lines.... a parameter that 
is used by \number to determine the digit set it generates.

I don't think that would help math, though; at least not the simple 
implementation I was considering. Character access in math mode is a 
whole different ballgame, and probably needs to be solved as part of an 
overall review of math character codes, Unicode, \mathchar codes, etc. 
I don't have the time (or competence) to dig into this area for now.


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