[XeTeX] about the using \somefont/B or \somefont/I

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Thu Nov 4 08:00:09 CET 2004

Sorry not to reply earlier than this...

On 3 Nov 2004, at 12:39 AM, Dalyoung wrote:

> I tested cmd-B and confirmed that it worked well for korean font.

I might add the functionality to choose arbitrary bold fonts, since 
it's not unheard of to do this with fonts without bold at all (Aldus 
and Palatino is the only I've heard of used, however). (Especially if 
bold is only used in section headings or at least not in the main 

I wonder how it would work. Maybe as an optional argument:
    \fontspec[BoldFont=Palatino Bold]{Aldus}
And any extra arguments would be passed along to Palatino.

I could hard-code this into my package at the moment, but I'd prefer to 
do it more flexibly. There's some re-structuring I would like to make 
that I haven't really got a time frame for. But that would hopefully 
make it easier to choose optical sizes and other weights as well.

Good luck

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