[XeTeX] XeTeX and Fink

Matija Pretnar matija at pretnar.info
Fri May 21 11:59:19 CEST 2004

On 21. maj 2004, at 9:55, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> Hi Matija,
> Thanks for this, that's very helpful. If it's OK with you, I'll try to 
> incorporate this into the next release, so that the installer can 
> handle either setup.

Yes. Definitely. Please. Maybe you should wait for another Fink user to 
double-check. I tried to remove all previously installed files to test 
if the installer really puts things in its right place. But you could 
never be too sure.

> Regarding math: changing fonts is a complex business, because math 
> typesetting uses a coordinated set of several fonts, not just a single 
> font, and math fonts require additional font parameters that regular 
> text fonts don't have.

I thought that (by default) TeX uses ordinary CM italic for math 
variables. But now I remember that italic letters are part of math 
fonts also.

Don't worry about it and continue to develop more important features. 
It's looking great.

Cheers, Matija

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