[XeTeX] Can't get CM to render with XeTeX

Matthias Damm osxtex at macpla.net
Fri May 21 00:10:43 CEST 2004

Am 20.05.2004 um 21:26 schrieb Jonathan Kew:

> Do you have Textures installed on your system, by any chance? Or 
> Postscript versions of the CM fonts in Mac suitcase/LWFN format 
> installed somewhere? Or even Truetype versions from somewhere? (The 
> Classic "System Folder:Fonts" location is a possibility, as well as 
> the system-wide and user OS X Fonts folders.)

No, none of that.

But this helped:

> Looking for and removing (at least temporarily, as a test) older 
> versions of CM fonts, in either PS or TT format, may help. If not, 
> please try running:
> 	xetex -no-pdf CM-test.tex
> 	xdv2pdf -v CM-test.xdv
> to get some additional trace output showing what font files xdv2pdf is 
> loading.

There were two versions of all the .otf fonts, in


The fonts in the former path are more than one year old, so they 
obviously were not installed by XeTeX.
I am not sure where the came from however, and also don't know if they 
are used.

I removed them now, and the examples now typeset correctly!

> In any case, I'd like to pin down exactly what is confusing it. The 
> aim was to have it use the .otf fonts in preference to any others you 
> might happen to have on your system, but apparently something isn't 
> working right yet.
> Thanks for the feedback; hope we can straighten this out!

Thanks to you a lot for helping out so quickly!

Best regards,

Matthias Damm
mad at macpla.net
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