[XeTeX] XeTeX version 0.6 available

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon May 10 07:02:14 CEST 2004

Le 10 mai 04, à 01:41, Ross Moore a écrit :

> Anyway, have you put the Textures CM fonts back into the Fonts/ folder 
> ?
> When I had the problem I removed all the CMs and the screen fonts,
> then put them all back when Jonathan gave me XeTeX 0.51 .
> I've had no such problems since.
> [snip]
> If pulling the CM fonts out, then putting them back works,
> then maybe there is some update in the way the OS handles
> the fonts. It must do some kind of conversion and caching
> --- the disk whirs for some time whenever there is a change
> to the system fonts.

Here the disk does not whirl, but I have to press Return 190 times (the 
number of font files) to confirm that I am willing to place the fonts 
at a specific place inside the /System Folder!

> Moving them around like this may cause the cache to be
> rebuilt using updated methods, and now they'll work
> --- at least for me.

I just tried this but it doesn't make any difference: D`bg qnv adknv 
rgntkc... ;-)


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