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Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat May 1 11:14:45 CEST 2004

Here's one that took me by surprise--the enlarged bounding box that you  
get with:


Apparently after each transformation, a new bounding box is found, and  
becomes the basis for the bounding box calculation after the next  

That's different from how XeTeX currently works; it simply puts the  
original image through the entire sequence of transformations, and then  
finds the bounding box of the final result.

Another illustration of this behavior: try







in pdfLaTeX. This bounding box treatment seems counterintuitive to me.  
I suppose you'll want me to try and copy this step-by-step BB  


On 1 May 2004, at 9:35 am, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> Hi Ross,
> Thanks for your experiments and notes. Don't spend more time trying to  
> "fix" your xetex.def on top of the current \XeTeXpicfile; better to  
> help me understand what \includegraphics does, and see if I can make  
> things easier. (Can you point me to a concise description of how the  
> \includegraphics options are processed? I haven't touched LaTeX since  
> about 1989, so this stuff is completely foreign to me!)
> Just FYI, here's what \XeTeXpicfile currently does (or at least tries  
> to do); clearly, it's a different model than \includegraphics.
> 1) if height and width are specified anywhere in the options, the  
> graphic is initially scaled to this size, before other transformations
> 1.a) if height or width is specified more than once, the later value  
> wins
> 1.b) if only one of height and width is specified, the other dimension  
> is scaled in proportion; if both are specified, you get (potentially)  
> non-proportional scaling
> 2) after handling explicit height/width to set the initial image size,  
> other transformations are applied to the graphic in the order  
> specified
> I'll see if I can get some understanding of how \includegraphics  
> resolves conflicting or ambiguous combinations of options, and look  
> into modifying XeTeX to make it easier to implement the LaTeX stuff on  
> top.
> Jonathan
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