[XeTeX] Version 0.5 available

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sat May 1 04:23:42 CEST 2004

Hi Jonathan,

On 29/04/2004, at 1:39 AM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> Hi all -
> I have posted a new version of XeTeX, incorporating a number of 
> changes:

> * graphic scaling and rotation options reimplemented to correctly 
> "chain" multiple transformations (aside: note that the .xdv format is 
> not currently stable across versions!)

The chaining is not quite in agreement with \includegraphics options 

For example,

both give the same result, with pdfLaTeX.
That is, the initial scale=...  is redundant, as the height is later
resized --- with no width specified, so the aspect-ratio is preserved.

Yet the same is not true for
   \XeTeXpicfile "xetex.jpg"  scaled 500 height 2cm
   \XeTeXpicfile "xetex.jpg"  height 2cm

On reversing the order,
the scale is no longer redundant.

It becomes more complicated with longer chains.
Compare (using pdfLaTeX):



\XeTeXpicfile "xetex.jpg" scaled 500 height 2cm rotated 30 width 5cm
\XeTeXpicfile "xetex.jpg" height 2cm rotated 30 width 5cm

where neither is "correct".

Better agreement is obtained with:

  \XeTeXpicfile "xetex.jpg" scaled 920 height 2cm rotated 30 width 5cm

As yet I'm not sure yet how  ~0.92 arises as the correct scaling.
Of course the rotation alters the aspect-ratio, so the trigonometry
leads to awkward scaling factors.

> xetex.def and modified graphics.sty/color.sty files are not included 
> with this installer, but I believe the versions created by Ross, and 
> posted to the list recently, should work after updating to take 
> account of the primitive name changes in XeTeX.

I'm still working on updating the driver,
trying to code around the above difficulty.

This means following the calculations done within graphics.sty ,
(in reverse order!) and then constructing the appropriate string
of transformations for XeTeX.
It is *not* simply a matter of reading the options and then
writing the \XeTeXpicfile  command, as this can lead (as above)
to different sized results to what other drivers would give.

I'd appreciate you adjusting things in XeTeX, to make this easier.



> Jonathan
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