[XeTeX] how to use XeTeX in LaTeX for non-latin languages

dariush moaven doust idedm at idehist.gu.se
Wed Jun 30 20:55:24 CEST 2004

Dear memeber of the list,
I have been recommended to ask my question here and hope really that 
there are some answers to my question.
I am not a programmer but I use LaTeX for text-editing, nothing really 
advanced but some packages and some figures, book class. I work on 
MacOSX and I use i-installer, Alpha X and Texshop. Now after this 
simple preamble my question:
I wonder if someone could tell me if it is possible or how it is 
possible to use XeTeX with LaTeX  for processing texts in non-latin 
languages, particularly in Persian ?
If the question is too basic and way out of scope of the list, I'll be 
then happy if there are some kind souls who could answeer off the list.
Darius H.

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