[XeTeX] Maths and Symbols in Latex

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Jun 30 20:21:34 CEST 2004

On 30 Jun 2004, at 12:15 am, Bruno Voisin wrote:

>> Additionally,
>> bullets do not show up either. What other declarations do I have to 
>> make?
>> IF you can, please provide an example. Thank you.
> That's because the bullets in Unicode aren't at the place that TeX 
> expects to find them. It varies from font to font, just to add fun to 
> the puzzle. For Optima I've used:
> 	\renewcommand{\textbullet}{\XeTeXglyph139}
> and for Trebuchet MS:
> 	\renewcommand{\textbullet}{\XeTeXglyph135}
> For Hoefler it should be the same as for Trebuchet, given the info 
> displayed by the Character Palette:
> <Image 1.pdf>
> (you can verify the number used -- 135 -- with the column and row 
> labels).

I'd recommend using {\char"2022} rather than {\XeTeXglyph...}; that 
should be less font-dependent and more robust. Glyph numbers could 
easily change even from one version to another of the same typeface, 
whereas the Unicode character code is standard.


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