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In a message dated 30/6/04 7:56:45 am, cynik at mac.com writes:

> This is not so much a XeteX related questions as a TeX one, but I'm
> trying to get a list of names (using Edwardian script ITC as the font)
> to be printed using two columns a page (to save paper), and I have not
> been able to find info on that. 
A very easy way to use such features in plain TeX is to get eplain.tex. 
Eplain adds many simplified commands resembling LaTeX to plain TeX. Then you can 
say \doublecolumns anywhere in your document and from there on this stays so 
until you say \singlecolumn. See 3.13 of the eplain.texinfo document for more 
details on formatting. 

> Plenty of latex stuff, but that does
> not help me with XeTeX!
Why not   just use XeLaTeX?

Somadeva Vasudeva
Wolfson College
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