[XeTeX] Hoefler italics and diacritics oddity

Musa Furber musaf at runbox.com
Tue Jun 22 03:41:22 CEST 2004

My complete and utter naiveté for all things TeX and LaTeX is showing 

On 22 Jun 2004, at 01:21, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> On 21 Jun 2004, at 10:59 pm, Musa Furber wrote:
>> Ok.
>> The only time that it is an issue is when I do transliteration. Since 
>> I send all transliterated text through a common macro, would it not 
>> be possible to quickly use TeX to perform a quick font change, just 
>> for that text? Would it be bad practice?
> You could certainly try that. I don't see any reason to consider it 
> "bad practice"; if you're tagging transliterated text in some way, 
> hooking a particular font style to that tag is perfectly reasonable.

I use LaTeX. My hope was to use TeX to do it, since it appears easier. 
Getting into the right font is easy. Getting back back to the previous 
font escapes me.

I tried saving the value of \the\font, doing the transliteration-italic 
stuff, and then loading that saved value from  \the\font. It 
worked...for about 20 pages, and then suddenly things get strange.

Any simple way to "push" the current font, declare a new one, use it, 
and then "pop" the old font back?

> However, you may still find that you get line-final swashes in places 
> you don't want them, such as before a word marked with your 
> "transliterated" macro, as the commands you're inserting will still 
> have the effect of breaking text runs that are handed to ATSUI for 
> rendering. But at least it won't be happening mid-word. Whether the 
> end result is appropriate, or whether you're better off disabling the 
> line-edge swashes altogether, is for you to judge when you see how it 
> looks.

Luckily, this should not be a problem. If it is, even if I disable the 
swashes Hoefler still looks nicer than CM.


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