[XeTeX] Hoefler italics and diacritics oddity

Musa Furber musaf at runbox.com
Mon Jun 21 23:59:58 CEST 2004


The only time that it is an issue is when I do transliteration. Since I 
send all transliterated text through a common macro, would it not be 
possible to quickly use TeX to perform a quick font change, just for 
that text? Would it be bad practice?

On 22 Jun 2004, at 00:40, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> The \d macro ends up breaking up the text into separate runs, and so 
> you get line-final swash forms (and potentially line-initial swashes 
> afterwards). You can disable these by adding "Smart Swashes=!Line 
> Final Swashes,!Line Initial Swashes" to the font definition.
> Of course, you might *want* the smart swashes; in the appropriate 
> places, they look good. But if you have lots of macros or other 
> special items breaking up your lines of text, they'll appear in all 
> sorts of unwanted places, and you're better off disabling them.
> HTH,


> Jonathan


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