[XeTeX] Hoefler italics and diacritics oddity

Musa Furber musaf at runbox.com
Mon Jun 21 18:24:02 CEST 2004

Perhaps this slipped through since I probably mentioned it at the tail  
of another post:

When using Hoefler italics, if I add a diacritic using the snippet that  
Somdeva offered---

> %
>  %Diatop lets you put one character (or accent) above another
> \def\diatop[#1|#2]{{\leavevmode\setbox1=\hbox{{#1{}}}\setbox2=\hbox{{#2 
> {}}}%
>  \dimen0=\ifdim\wd1>\wd2\wd1\else\wd2\fi%
>  \dimen1=\ht2\advance\dimen1by-1ex%
>  \setbox1=\hbox to1\dimen0{\hss#1\hss}%
>  \rlap{\raise1\dimen1\box1}%
>  \hbox to1\dimen0{\hss#2\hss}}}
>  %
>  %Redefinitions of \d{}
>  \def\d#1{\smash{\diatop[\raise-.55em\hbox{\hskip.125em.}|#1]}}
>  %

---the glyphs chosen are often more ornate alternative, appropriate for  
the end of a word.

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The middle line (above) shows a few examples of this. Note the 'e' in 
"Here". Compare it with the third line, which is devoid of diacritics.

Is there a way to influence the glyph selection?

Thanks much,

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