[XeTeX] XeTeX segmentation faults

Musa Furber musaf at runbox.com
Thu Jun 17 05:31:21 CEST 2004

On 17 Jun 2004, at 05:53, Ross Moore wrote:

> Hello Musa,
> [..snip..]
> Try this instead:
> \DeclareRobustCommand{\=}[1]{#1^^^^0304}
>> If I can get this one fixed, my conversion over to XeTeX with Hoefler 
>> should be finished, and I can start having fun. (Then again...)
> Does the above give any improvement ?


Unfortunately, no. It does not appear to make difference.

What this naive-newbie ended up doing was a bunch of


macros, and then doing a global search-and-replace. Hopefully it is a 
temporary measure. It works, but it is ugly.


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