[XeTeX] How to use Lucida or Fourier fonts in XeTeX?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Jun 14 00:44:43 CEST 2004


Has anybody attempted and managed to use Lucida or Fourier fonts in 
XeTeX? The problem seems to be metrics: those for Lucida fonts are 
available in LY1 or T1 encoding only, and those for Fourier fonts in T1 
encoding only. I imagine OT1 would create no problem, but LY1 and T1 
do, apparently. Or is it necessary to create OpenType versions of these 
fonts for use with XeTeX, as was done with CM fonts? Or to try and find 
old OT1 metrics for them?

I am writing a document in plain TeX with Trebuchet MS as the text 
font. Formulae are typeset in CM which look far too thin (and small) 
compared with Trebuchet; I thought as Lucida as a better match with 
Trebuchet, and used:

\input lcdplain
\font\tenrm="Trebuchet MS" at 10pt
\font\tenit="Trebuchet MS Italic" at 10pt
\font\tenbf="Trebuchet MS Bold" at 10pt
\font\tenbi="Trebuchet MS Bold Italic" at 10pt

With this the math formulae do look better indeed; however, the letters 
don't always come out right. For example, "${\rm e}^{-{\rm i}\sigma t}$ 
and $e^{-i\sigma t}$" yield:

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Probably I shouldn't attempt to use \rm within maths (or is there some 
obvious mistake I've done?). Unfortunately, the conventions for this 
document require that mathematical constants such as "e" and "i" be 
upright, while variables such as "sigma" and "t" be italic.

I also get the warning, probably related, in the console:

*** no 'post' table found, unable to re-encode font lbr  )

Please only answer if you already have a working solution, don't spend 
any time on this: this is only a small document, I'm trying to write it 
in XeTeX mostly as a test, so if there are problems which cannot be 
resolved at once I will probably just give up and switch back to 
standard TeX until I get more time for experimenting. So I wouldn't 
like that anybody wastes time because of this question.

Bruno Voisin

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