[XeTeX] character offsets in math fonts

J P Blevins jpb39 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 11 15:24:10 CEST 2004

>I'm not familiar with mathpi (or with LaTeX in general, really)....what 
>are the actual fonts involved? Are they listed in psfonts.map, and if 
>so, what are the relevant entries? In particular, do they specify any 

The fonts are all in Type 1 format, installed in OS X and separately as
pfb files for LaTeX. They are all listed in psfonts.map (by their Adobe
and Berry names), and set up to be downloaded but not reencoded:

mh1 MathematicalPi-One  <mh1.pfb
mh2 MathematicalPi-Two  <mh2.pfb
mh3 MathematicalPi-Three    <mh3.pfb
mh4 MathematicalPi-Four <mh4.pfb
mh5 MathematicalPi-Five <mh5.pfb
mh6 MathematicalPi-Six  <mh6.pfb

ppi020  MathematicalPi-One  <mh1.pfb
ppi021  MathematicalPi-Two  <mh2.pfb
ppi022  MathematicalPi-Three    <mh3.pfb
ppi023  MathematicalPi-Four <mh4.pfb
ppi024  MathematicalPi-Five <mh5.pfb
ppi025  MathematicalPi-Six  <mh6.pfb

The problems I meantioned were with the Greek characters in
MathematicalPi-One and the bold blackboard characters in
MathematicalPi-Six. As it happens, there *is* a recoding of
MathematicalPi-Two, to reorder the script characters:

mh2scr MathematicalPi-Two " mh2scrEncoding ReEncodeFont " <mh2scr.enc

but XeTeX has a different sort of problem with this file:

*** no 'post' table found, unable to re-encode font mh2scr


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