[XeTeX] OT: mac-ness, next-ness and bragging

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Thu Jun 3 11:09:12 CEST 2004

> <snip> Bruno and Bruce checking Mac-ness.
> I win.
> More importantly though, at home, on my desk, still in use, I have a
> NeXT Cube, and on my shelf I have a complete collection of _NeXTworld_
> magazines :/

Hey, when we're bragging....

I have a NeXT *dimension* Cube (PAL) with spare 33MHz 040 motherboard,
keyboard, mouse, and 21" NeXT monitor (died a year ago, sigh) and external
NeXT CD player, B&W printer, Singular Solutions A/D64x converter which
connects directly to the DSP for sound recording, sound box and 2 B&W
monitors (one is probably the only NeXT monitor in the world that you can
switch off). I also have all the NeXTworld, NeXT in Line, NeXTinfo etc.
magazines. I also have the original sales material for the original cube
(7 revolutions or so it is called and it is large and square and really my
nicest collector item I think) and much more. In fact, all together I have
something like 2 or 3 boxes full of paper material, software and other
stuff, like golden masters of NEXTSTEP 3.3 which I got because my original
B&W system had a DMA problem that made 3.3 unstable, shirts and sweater
(the nice white one with embroidered logo), etc.

Not in use, though, currently, because I had to store it during our
renovation and because we had to free one room for the addition to the
family last september. I am now using only Apple stuff (Apple cube and
iBook). I would like to have a really big room to put all my stuff in so
it could still be used.

Maybe I should sell my complete NeXT collection instead. It would not sell
cheap though...


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