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William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Jun 2 01:28:29 CEST 2004

<snip> Bruno and Bruce checking Mac-ness.

I win.

I bought a 128KB Mac back in 1984 and one of everything in the store 
(some of which I still have).

I also (later) bought a copy of _Through the Looking Glass_, the only 
game Apple ever made, and I even (once) managed to get a perfect score 
of 999... that's one my bookshelf even now (the game, not the score). 
It was packaged in a nifty faux book, and I find it bizarre that the 
company which made that lovely bit of packaging is now involved in 
things like ensuring that the soundtrack for the only movie I've seen 
in years (_The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen_) is _only_ available 
from ITMS and hence has no album art / booklet to speak of. (Does no 
one else miss vinyl and albums and nifty album jacket designs?)

_And_ I had a complete set of the first couple of years of MacWorld 
(which I gave away to a couple who're now the leaders of the Richmond, 
VA Mac users' group last I checked).

More importantly though, at home, on my desk, still in use, I have a 
NeXT Cube, and on my shelf I have a complete collection of _NeXTworld_ 
magazines :/


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