[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.8 available -- now with OpenType support :-)

Somadevah at aol.com Somadevah at aol.com
Wed Jun 2 00:48:31 CEST 2004

Many thanks for providing this excellent version of TeX. 

Is there a way to use TeX's diacritics in unicode files? If I try to add say, 
\={a} of \d{n} or something like that in the midst of unicode text I get 
gibberish output or it seems cmr is substituted for the diacritic. This applies 
both to ATSUI fonts like Hoefler or OT fonts like Adobe Garamond Pro. 

I also just notice that in Apple's qwerty Devanagari keyboard layout it is 
impossible to type the ligature "dbhy" (d-f-B-f-y) as a single glyph. Does 
anybody know how to get this (in Sanskrit very common) ligature as a glyph? The 
glyph is clearly there in Devanagari MT, I checked with fontlab, but since it has 
no individual unicode slot I have no idea how to call it if the combining 
mechanism does not produce it?

Most grateful for any help,

Somadeva Vasudeva
Wolfson College
Oxford OX2 6UD
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