[XeTeX] Using --, ---, ``, '' and ' with CM

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Jul 21 20:30:26 CEST 2004

On 21 Jul 2004, at 6:44 pm, J. P. Blevins wrote:

> \renewcommand*{\encodingdefault}{U}
> \renewcommand*{\rmdefault}{AdobeGaramondPro}
> ...
> When these fonts are loaded, the CM math fonts are unaffected. But the 
> text font declarations seem to disable text dashes, quotes, accents 
> (which place umlauts far above vowels), etc.

I don't really understand much about the LaTeX font selection 
mechanism, but I suspect that changing the \encodingdefault may well 
affect things; that could well be why the ligatures and accents in CM 
text fonts get disabled.

FWIW, this is not really a XeTeX problem, strictly speaking; I think 
the actual XeTeX tool is working as it should. This looks like an issue 
of understanding how to configure LaTeX fonts and encodings, with the 
introduction of a new kind of fonts. (To check that XeTeX itself is 
handling the fonts OK, try the Plain TeX test I suggested; I believe it 
will work correctly.)


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