[XeTeX] \XeTeXpicfile and PDF Resolution

Stephen Moye stephenmoye at mac.com
Fri Jul 9 02:24:14 CEST 2004

I may be missing something, but the documentation for XeTeX says:

"Note that PDF files can also be included by the \XeTeXpicfile command, 
but this has two significant drawbacks: they will be rendered as lower-resolution graphics, 
and only the first page is available."

The inference being that the \XeTeXpdffile would be better:

"There is also a \XeTeXpdffile command. This is similar to |\XeTeXpicfile|, but recognizes an additional option:

page <number>

This specifies the page to be included from the PDF file (default is the first page). Negative numbers can be used to indicate pages relative to the end of the file; thus |page -2| means the second to last page. The |page| option, if used, must be specified as the {\it first} keyword after the filename, before any transformations."

I have used this to excellent effect. Give it a try!

On Thursday, July 08, 2004, at 07:44PM, Atip Asvanund <atip at andrew.cmu.edu> wrote:

>I notice that when I use \XeTeXpicfile to place a .PDF image, it gets a
>very bad resolution. The .PDF images I use are text and vector types, and
>should be extremely resizable. However, \XeTeXpicfile treats it like a
>bitmap image, for a very odd reason. The end result is very pixelated. I
>get the same thing with \pdfimage as well. I get a much better result when
>I use a high resolution bitmap format (TIFF). Is there something I am
>doing wrong here?
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