[XeTeX] Long dash "--" in Latex

Musa Furber musaf at runbox.com
Fri Jul 2 21:22:26 CEST 2004

On 2 Jul 2004, at 21:41, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:

> On Jul 2, 2004, at 1:21 PM, Musa Furber wrote:
>> LaTeX is way cooler than XML. For me, at least.
> :-)

Hey, at least I restricted it to something subjective! <grin>

> XML alone isn't all that interesting, but XML + XSLT is all about 
> giving one the power to generate however many views one wants, in 
> whatever (text-based) format one wants.  Just write a different style 
> sheet, which is MUCH easier than writing TeX code.  I use it with my 
> documents to output different views in both LaTeX and XHTML.

I thought about this: about using custom style sheets to produce RTF or 
LaTeX, DocBook just did not look fun.

(Yeah, and when I asked someone to bring me a the DocBook book they 
brought me an old edition.)

> With LaTeX, you're stuck in PS or PDF, or with awkward HTML or RTF 
> converters.

My target is the printed page, so this works for me.

> Oh, and XML was designed with unicode in mind.

Storing a Unicode byte stream is one thing. Rendering is another. When 
I played with it last year, the Arabic handling was not acceptable. The 
only FO rendering that handed it correctly was expensive.

Enough off-topic-ness, probably.


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